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On Saturday morning September the 8th, 2012 at 9:10 am the love of my life, my best friend, my Ann, passed away.

Her memorial service was held on Saturday afternoon September 15, 2012 @ 2PM.

She will live in my heart forever. Even though the pain seems unbearable to me most of the time, I consider myself the luckiest man alive because I’ve been blessed by God to have been able to spend the last 12 years of my life with what I consider to be a true Angel. However, after 6 months of putting up a courageous fight against cancer, God has called her home. She’s gone to be with Him and the other Angels in heaven.

My heart is broken and words will never be able to express the loss I feel.

Ann, I miss you beyond belief. You will always be my heart.


WARNING: My Ann died from colon rectal cancer which had spread to her liver and bones by the time it was discovered in late March of 2012. She had absolutely NO symptoms. She did NOT drink, smoke or eat red meat on a regular basis…maybe once every 3-4 weeks, if that often. She also didn’t do many of the other things that would normally be associated with contracting colon rectal cancer.

I considered Ann a health nut. She exercised 4 – 5 times a week in the mornings before work, was very careful about her diet, ate lots of fibrous foods, took supplements and added psyllium husk fiber daily. In other words she led a very, no, extremely healthy lifestyle.

There were no symptoms whatsoever until she started getting a pain in her back the second week of March 2012. That’s when our world turned upside down.

If you’ve read this far you probably realize what the warning is. No matter how healthy of a lifestyle you live, you need to get checked out by a GOOD Dr. on a regular basis, regardless of how well you feel.

The pain I saw Ann suffer was terrible yet somehow she remained positive through it all. Believe me, you DON’T want to see a loved one go through that relentless, nonstop excruciating pain. On the other hand, it’s an emotional drain on you as well. You want to fix it but there’s nothing you can do. You feel so helpless!

I sincerely hope this helps to save someone’s life and I’m sure Ann would as well.  Kent


The post below is the original post from Ann:

As some of you already know, after 22 years I’m no longer employed at Deltona Animal Medical Center. I received a phone call with the news the morning of Wednesday June 20, 2012.

Do I consider the 22 years a waste? Absolutely not! I have met so many wonderful people, many who have become close friends. Of course I’ve also had the privilege and have been trusted to take care of many pets through out those 22 years. Each person and pet has been a blessing in my life.

Thank you for being a part of my life!

Ann English

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